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Same-Day Delivery

Get your medication delivered same-day at no additional cost.


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Our pharmacists are always available to assist with your prescription needs and health questions.


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Lowest co-pay and medication cost.


Customized Medication Reminders

Receive medication reminders to remind you to take care of your health.


consult with a pharmacist

Consult with a pharmacist virtually, at your convenience.

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Thinking beyond
the pill!

Along with prescription delivery, we offer data-driven adherence and clinical wellness services to help patients get healthier and stay well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

BlueRx pharmacy is a full-service retail pharmacy that uses modern technology and proprietary software to provide effective and affordable services to its patients.

Send your prescription to us, and we will handle it from there by offering free same day delivery.

BlueRx is free, just pay your co-pay and we will handle the rest!

BlueRx accepts all major insurance plans.

Yes! Any doctor can e-prescribe to BlueRX.

We can help you transfer your medications in minutes . Click on get started button, provide some basic details that include your old pharmacy information, your medications, demographic information, and you are all set.

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