Benefits of Juice Cleanse

If you are looking to reset your body and flush out some toxins chances, are you have probably considered doing a juice cleanse/detox. This trendy detox diet involves consuming juices made from a variety of fruits and vegetables while avoiding solid food for a duration of time, usually two to ten days. Since fruits and vegetables and fruits are filled with numerous vitamins and minerals, during the duration of a juice cleanse, the body is flooded with numerous healing nutrients while flushing out toxins and waste.

There are many more reasons why participating in a juice cleanse can be beneficial to the body. Here are a few:

Aids in Detoxifying the Body

While the detox juice itself does not detoxify the body, it supports the organs involved in the detoxification in two ways, through fasting and the provision of antioxidants and nutrients.

During a juice cleanse, solid food is usually avoided keeping your body in a fasted state, which allows your digestive system to take a rest and prompt the body to focus on removing toxins and waste. Furthermore juicing fruits and vegetables make the antioxidants and nutrients more accessible to the body, which can then be used to help fight radical damage.

Boost the Immune System

Since partaking in a juice cleanse helps put the body in a fasted state, it can begin to use up its glycogen reservoirs. The processes of using up this stored glycogen facilitate healing throughout the body. Moreover, as the body detoxifies itself, it gets rid of damaged cells and produces newer ones boosting your body’s immune system.

Hydrates the Body

According to the European Hydration Institution, over half of the world’s population drinks much less than recommended 8.5 cups a day. Not consuming enough water can have numerous negative effects on both your physical and mental health. However, a juice cleanse will up your daily fluid intake allowing your body to have the water it desperately needs to ensure proper body function.

The fact is, juice cleansing is a healthy and effective way to flood your body with healthy nutrients while detoxifying it.

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