BlueRx pharmacy is a full-service digital pharmacy that uses modern technology and proprietary software to provide effective and affordable services to our patients.BlueRx Pharmacy uses “BlueRx Hub.” You can connect with us through our platform and privately converse with a live pharmacist to better understand your plan coverage, co-pays, and pricing. After your consultation, we provide you with free same-day delivery to your door, which is initiated within minutes after seeing your physician, eliminating time spent going back and forth between doctor’s office and pharmacy.
We accept payment through the BlueRxHub, or you can pay when you sign for your prescription upon delivery.
Anyone can use BlueRx! We have joined hands with providers and pharmacies nationwide to expand our network, to provide ease and access to your wellness.
We offer the following services&solutions:
  • Easy access to BlueRx through our web application (Android/IOS).
  • On-the-spot assistance for prescription coverage information before leaving the doctor’s office.
  • Searching for the lowest price for medication by adding manufacturer’s coupons.
  • Patient Assistance Program for uninsured patients.
  • Instant communication with doctor’s office through our hub such as a medication change request (MCR) or prior authorization (PA).
  • Prescription status updates through BlueRx Hub.
  • Prescription transfers to patient’s preferred pharmacy.
  • FREE same-day medication delivery to your door.
We know that there are far too many people in the U.S. who struggle with the cost of prescribed medications, one of the reasons we built our platform to serve you better. We work closely with our pharmacy partners, manufacturers, and physician offices to find the most reasonable cost options for your therapy. If for any reason you are not willing to buy your medication or medication is denied by your insurance, we initiate contact to your provider’s office and find the best option for your medications. During this period, you can track your prescription status and connect with us anytime. Once we get an approval from your physician, we will notify you via text, phone, or video call.
Once you choose BlueRx as your preferred pharmacy, you may opt in for auto-refills, we will send you your refills automatically before you run out. You can activate auto-refills anytime. Shortly before your prescription expires, we will reach out to let you know that it is time for another consultation with your doctor.
Yes, you can choose any pharmacy. Whether it is with one of our affiliate pharmacies or if you decide to use your local pharmacy, we will make sure your medications are transferred to the pharmacy of your choice.

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