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Market access in all 50 states

patient treatment

Improved patient treatment adherence

Free, same-day delivery

Free, same-day delivery

Centralized hub

Centralized hub processing, increasing gross net margin

Direct purchase options

Direct purchase options

Real-time data monitoring

Real-time data monitoring and reporting on every prescription


Cost-effective, fixed monthly fee schedule that includes all Rx hub services

How it Works

in the simplest way.

  • Send your prescriptions to one platform, BlueRx.
  • BlueRx conducts all the benefit verification and coverage determination for patients for each prescription.
  • If Prior Authorization is required, BlueRx will assist with prior authorization process.
  • If a prescription is not covered, BlueRx will suggest alternatives that the PBM will cover.
  • BlueRx can apply manufacturer coupons, depending on the patient’s eligibility.
  • BlueRx will contact the patient and inform them of their copay.
  • For self-pay patients, BlueRx will find the lowest price and apply all discounts.
  • BlueRx will give patients the choice to pick up their prescription from their preferred pharmacy, or choose BlueRx for free same-day delivery.

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